Free Training Tool Helps You Train Your Church to
Share Their Faith with Confidence and Watch People Come to Christ!
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Think about it ... Do you want your church stuck where it is ...

Or would you rather your members take the Gospel message to their communities, workplaces, and everywhere else?
Why training your people to share their faith is better than leaving evangelism as "the job" for you and your staff.
  • Reach ... Your people simply have broader overall reach than you or your staff. When you think about the impact that someone sharing the Gospel can have on a business, an entire community, or places all over the world ... it makes equipping them with the most effective methods so vital.
  • Overcoming fear ... Most of your church members don't share their faith simply because of fear. They know inside what needs to be said, but they lack the confidence to begin saying it. A lot of times, this is due to a lack of standardization in what to say. This free resource shows any Christian at any level of spiritual maturity how to use one of the most effective Gospel presentations of all-time to win someone to Christ.
  • Increased ministry involvement ... Getting more of your everyday church members to share their faith makes them more likely to serve in other capacities. Tired of having to hire full-time staff to accomplish ministry objectives because no one else will step up to the plate? Condition more members to serve God's kingdom by training them to share their faith now.